Richard Blake is a Certified Logistics Professional and Distribution expert based out of London, Ontario.  With over 20 years of management experience, Richard brings an abundance of knowledge, passion and a valuable skill set that has improved operations and increased profits for many companies throughout his career.  An analytical thinker, Richard has a tremendous passion for this line of work and communicates with current clients and prospective clients from a place of transparency and honesty.

Richard identified a glaring need that small and medium sized companies have and soon understood that honest and cost effective solutions were just not available to them. Because of this, CLDS was born.

“Businesses leave millions in profit on the table by not equipping themselves with solid processes and best practices within their distribution facilities. Small, medium and start up companies often times don’t have the time and resources to ensure the distribution side of their operation is running as optimally as possible.  The negative implications to the bottom line compound daily as a result of inefficient distribution and logistics processes. Sure, there are many large scale programs, massive multifaceted consulting groups and IT solutions that offer great benefits yet we understand the costs, time commitment and hesitancy involved of going down those paths.  We provide the knowledge, education and simple tools to make your current distribution framework as efficient and effective as possible while spending little, or no money at all. Companies have saved 100’s of thousands following our recommendations”

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