Extreme Warehouse Makeovers

You know you warehouse needs some work, it’s messy, dusty, unorganized, there is garbage everywhere and you just don’t have the manpower and time to spare in order to make this space something you can be proud of and a space that allows your company to become more operationally efficient and effective. We can help.

We have a team led by a certified professional that can transform your space in a weekends time and allow your company a fresh new start on Monday. Contact us now, help us understand your situation and see how CLDS can assist.

KPI Identification

Often times, small and medium sized business do not have the technical capabilities to obtain solid data in order to create KPI’s to build on and to make informed business decisions. Businesses may not be confident which KPI’s they should track that will offer the measurements needed to help reach company objectives. KPI’s are not only important to track from an output measurement perspective, they can provide a plethora of benefits to the company and distribution staff themselves.

If you haven’t started measuring performance, you can start right now. Start with something, but start now and build upon it. Your bottom line depends on it.

Feel free to give us a shout and help us understand your situation and see how CLDS can offer professional assistance implementing KPI’s that fit your company.

Space Utilization Assessment

Are you managing your space correctly? Has your company compared your storage cube and inventory cube % to that of industry standards? What is your particular facility truly is capable of handling? Is your inventory sequenced and stored properly? Is the flow of your pick/pack and ship stations positioned in the most optimal manner possible?

We identify countless space utilization inefficiencies and recommend solutions for businesses that result in effective flow of goods, maximizing throughput and increases profits.

Contact us now to help us understand your situation and see how CLDS can assist.

Warehouse Management Recruiting Assistance

Before you hire a DC or Logistics Manager, its beneficial to understand which candidates are best suited to tackle the issues that will provide the most value for your company and which prospect will fit best within the company’s culture and strategic plans. It goes without saying that the individual you choose to manage this portion of your operation will directly and immediately influence your bottom line and shape your business for years to come. Allow CLDS to provide professional assistance and feedback while navigating through this process to help ensure that your choice has the most positive impact possible.

Feel free to contact us, explain your situation and see how CLDS can assist.

Packaging Assessment

It never ceases to amaze us how much money is left on the table in regards packaging. We provide a clear and detailed report on your current state of packaging and available low to no cost alternatives that can be used within your facility? Are your freight costs increasing due to dimensional weight calculations imposed by courier and carriers. Can you obtain better pricing on your packaging? Is the procurement of all packaging articles running as smooth as it can be? Does your current packaging solution correspond properly with your goods?

We’ve implemented many slight changes for clients in regards to packaging that have resulted in thousands in freight savings and efficient operational flow. Contact CLDS if you’re interested in servicing your customers better, and at a lower cost to your company.

Material Handling Assessment

Obtaining the the proper material handling equipment that matches the needs of the product, space and flow within the distribution environment is an extremely important component in obtaining operational efficiency. Does your company have the confidence it has, or will have the proper equipment? Is current equipment being utilized properly? Can you obtain more effective equipment at, or below the costs of your current equipment?

If there are any doubts at all, let us assess the situation and provide professional recommendations and assistance obtaining the material handling equipment that best fits your needs.

Freight Routing

Our Success is your success

You CAN spend less on shipping your packages to your customers.  Your customers CAN receive their shipments from your business to their doorstep the very next day for less cost.   You CAN process your orders  quicker and more efficiently.  You CAN spend less on packaging.  You CAN have your shipments picked up at your place of business free of charge.   You CAN create a competitive advantage by speaking with CLDS.

You CAN do better.  We CAN help.

Contact us today if you’d like to put more money in your pocket, outperform your competition and free up your valuable time to focus on the front end of your business.   

We’ve learned it’s tough to obtain transparency when it comes to transportation, we are here to help change this mindset. Our goal is to provide clear, concise and honest recommendations and/or solutions for all your parcel freight needs. After over 20 years in the freight game, our goal is to simply help shippers succeed and educate individuals on best practices and tricks of the trade.   Even if no transactional business transpires between your company and CLDS, we are always more than happy to offer suggestions and professional advise free of charge!

Comprehensive Distribution Assessment and Scorecard

This service results in the client obtaining a prompt and clear picture of how well their operation is performing overall and provides solutions for improvements.  CDLS will spend time interviewing key team members, working in the distribution center(DC), assessing all functions within the DC, assessing warehouse design and reviewing freight contracts to name a few.   Once CLDS has completed their physical assessments, we get to work on preparing a professional report for our clients.  This detailed report will contain feedback on each area of your operation and provide recommendations on improvements that can be made at any time and with immediate ROI.