Freight Routing

Our Success is your success

You CAN spend less on shipping your packages to your customers.  Your customers CAN receive their shipments from your business to their doorstep the very next day for less cost.   You CAN process your orders  quicker and more efficiently.  You CAN spend less on packaging.  You CAN have your shipments picked up at your place of business free of charge.   You CAN create a competitive advantage by speaking with CLDS.

You CAN do better.  We CAN help.

Contact us today if you’d like to put more money in your pocket, outperform your competition and free up your valuable time to focus on the front end of your business.   

We’ve learned it’s tough to obtain transparency when it comes to transportation, we are here to help change this mindset. Our goal is to provide clear, concise and honest recommendations and/or solutions for all your parcel freight needs. After over 20 years in the freight game, our goal is to simply help shippers succeed and educate individuals on best practices and tricks of the trade.   Even if no transactional business transpires between your company and CLDS, we are always more than happy to offer suggestions and professional advise free of charge!